Antivirus Software -Your Best Options

Whether you own a laptop, or a desktop, your computer needs to be protected from viruses that could cause major damage. Here are some guidelines on how to choose the best antivirus software. Anyone that searches for this software will notice that there are both paid and free versions that can be downloaded. Your computer is very important which is why you need to make the appropriate considerations and choices when choosing this software.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is the latest offering of a well regarded antivirus software. Identity thieves are able to get sensitive information from your PC by installing programs that can do what is called phishing. Bitdefender constantly monitors your system for threats, and even provides special Facebook protection, as this is a platform that many online predators use to steal information these days. Using this software, you will not only be protected, but because it runs in the background, you will also be undisturbed. One of the primary highlights of Bitdefender is its anti-phishing technology which is actually very competitive when compared against other well-known antivirus software programs. Regardless of your operating system, the software works with Vista, Windows 7, and even XP.

You can make use of a variety of helpful tools that can guard your computer against security risks with a program called McAfee Total Protection. Spyware, phishing, viruses, plus spam are the things that it is set up to protect you from. Despite the fact that a majority of the email providers give you a spam filter, you have probably observed the extent of their usefulness. You can get a much more powerful spam filter with McAfee Total Protection that will sort through unnecessary items.

Antivirus Software

By utilizing file and folder encryption, it makes it even harder for others to gain access to your data. You can elect to protect anything you would like to and have it protected by a password so that nobody can see it. If you want extra control over what your kids are doing on the computer, McAfee also offers parental controls.

As helpful and necessary as antivirus software is, you should be aware of its limitations. Antivirus software is not perfect. This is something you need to understand because once you install the program, it can only protect you from so much. Malware and spyware can be blocked, as well as viruses, but software programs that are designed to protect you can fail. For instance, you should not download files randomly as they may be infected with viruses that may not be protected by your system. Files and attachments that are sent from people that you do not know should probably not be opened. Especially today where people can impersonate friends and family very easily, you should never open anything that seems suspicious, especially if it is from Facebook or another social network.

Most of the time, people that get antivirus software don’t think about it until they have a problem on their computer. It is more than an annoyance to have a security threat on your PC. You can actually have someone steal your identity and destroy information on your PC due to this malicious software. You really need to think about protecting your computer today using the best antivirus solutions.

Managed Firewall Services – 3 Things to Consider

managed firewalls

If you’re looking for managed firewall services online, it’s important to first understand why you need them. Managed firewalls can help protect your organization from virus attacks, DOS (Denial of Service) attacks and other cyber attacks, freeing your team up to focus on your main business – at a lower capital expense.

This article will discuss 3 of the most important aspects you need to consider so you can make the right choice, avoid wasting money, and not be disappointed with the results.

Manged Firewall Consideration #1 – Your Need

While this may sound a bit counter-intuitive, but do you really need a managed firewall service? Are your business IT requirements really at that stage of development? Are you convinced beyond all doubt that your existing IT staff and equipment can’t handle the responsibility?

Exactly which managed firewall features will you need? Do you need basic monitoring, or do you also need application filtering, high availability and secure email? Will you need secure VPN? How large is your premises? How many locations need to be covered by the managed firewall solution?

Identifying answers to these questions will help you to better understand your actual requirements, before you talk with any managed firewall vendors.

Manged Firewall Consideration #2 – Your Budget

Assuming you’ve convinced yourself that you really are ready for a manged firewall solution, the next question is: how much are you prepared to pay? If you search online for “managed firewall services pricing” you may be disappointed… most managed firewall companies don’t publish their pricing schedules on their websites. Instead, in most cases you’re encouraged to book a free consultation with their sales team.

While this is an understandable approach, and you’ll soon discover what your investment needs to be by talking with a few managed firewall vendors, you should be aware that you’ll likely have to pay an upfront fee (or Setup Fee) as well as ongoing monthly charges. Setup costs can range from $1,000 to $25,000+ depending on the complexity and requirements, with ongoing fees in the ballpark of $500 to to $5,000 based on the same conditions.

So you can see that pricing is really hard to know up front. The good news is that regardless of the cost of managed firewalls, you’re very likely to still spend less than you would by taking care of the service inhouse.

Manged Firewall Consideration #3 – Your Timing

How urgent is your need for a managed firewall service? Has your company just experienced a cyber attack? Can you afford to wait for a while using your existing services, staff & technology, or do you need to take drastic action now?

Be aware that some managed firewall providers will try to pressure you into installing a solution immediately, to avoid becoming the victim of a cyber attack. Don’t be afraid to push back on these kinds of sales strategies, however – the right provider will work with you to install the solution within a timeframe that works for you and your organization.


While this list is far from exhaustive, hopefully it helps you with your online research as you study the various managed firewall companies online.