Windows vs. Mac OS – Unbiased Comparison

Windows vs Mac - Unbiased Comparison

While there are many brands of computers, there are only two major operating systems for average users – Windows and Mac OS. There’s also Linux, but that is used mainly by businesses and advanced computer users. The next time you have to buy a personal computer, you are going to need to take a closer look at what both Mac and Windows can offer. Having said that, we are going to explore some of those respective advantages below.

The best choice you can make is probably Windows, if playing games on your computer is what you spend your time doing. While you can play some games on a Mac, there’s a much wider selection that are made for Windows. If you have a new Mac computer, you can run it like a PC by using Bootcamp. For someone who takes his games seriously, this would mean a lot of trouble to go through. Many Windows programs are run quite well with Bootcamp, but it may not supply your demands on games with all of the power and speed they need. Of course, if you really want the best gaming experience, your best bet would be buying a PC made especially for gaming, though these can be quite expensive. But when it comes to Mac vs. Windows, the latter is definitely the better choice for gamers.

If you follow what happens in the tech news, you have probably started to hear things about the next major upgrade to the Windows OS: Windows 10. For some users, this will be the clincher in the Windows vs. Mac debate because Windows is promising that the new release is going to be packed with some radical and advanced new features. The most important of these is that Windows 10, for one, will still give you the ability to use your computer the same way that you would use a tablet as it will have a very functional touch screen. There are also going to be options for using keyboards and mouses the traditional way. Mac has also come up with OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8, the latest version, which also rivals said features.

There are several undeniable advantages to owning a Mac, and one of these is the level of support. With Windows, there are lots of different levels of support and they depend on where the computer was bought and the brand that manufactured it. Still, when you do some research you’ll find out that most of the brands of PCs out there only offer bad or, at best, mediocre levels of customer service. If you want to achieve better support, you’ll have to spend more money on it.

In terms of tech support, however, Macintosh has earned a stellar reputation. Not only are you going to be able to call to get support, but there are going to be lots of repair centers in which you can bring your computer instead of having to ship it in to be serviced.

There is no definitive answer as to whether Mac or Windows is the absolute best OS. Each OS has its die hard fans, but each OS also has definite advantages. You are going to need to carefully consider the needs you have, your budget, etc. and then figure out which OS is best for all of those needs.